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List of publications of Maurice de Gosson

127. M. de Gosson, Quantum Polar Duality and the Symplectic Camel: a New Geometric Approach to Quantization. To appear in Found. Phys. (2021)

126. M. de Gosson, Gaussian Quantum States Can Be Disentangled Using Symplectic Rotations. To appear in Lett. Math. Phys. (2021)

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121. E. Cordero, M. de Gosson, and F. Nicola, A characterization of modulation spaces by symplectic rotations, to appear in J. Funct. Anal. (2020) , arXiv:1707.06862v1 [math.FA]

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116. M. Faulhuber, M.A. de Gosson, D. Rottensteiner, Gaussian Distributions and Phase Space Weyl-Heisenberg Frames, arXiv:1708.01 [to appear in Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal. (2018)]

115. M. de Gosson and J. Toft, Continuity properties for Born--Jordan operators with symbols in Hörmander classes and modulation spaces.  Acta Math. Sci. Ser. B (Engl. Ed.) 40(6), 1603-1626 (2020) 

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112. M. de Gosson, On the Purity and Entropy of Mixed Gaussian States, in Landscapes of Time-Frequency Analysis, eds. Boggiatto, Paolo, Elena Cordero, Maurice de Gosson, Hans G. Feichtinger, Fabio Nicola, Alessan Oliaro, and Anita Tabacco. Springer Nature, 2019

111. M. de Gosson, The Symplectic Camel and Poincaré Superrecurrence: Open Problems, Entropy 20(7), 499 (2018)

110. B.J. Hiley, M.A. de Gosson and G. Dennis, Quantum Trajectories: Dirac, Moyal and Bohm. Quanta (2019), ArXiv:1610.07130v1 [quant-ph]

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101. E. Cordero, M. de Gosson, and F. Nicola, Semi-classical Time-frequency Analysis and Applications, Math. Phys. Anal. Geom. 20(26) (2017)

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Books and Monographs

1.M. de Gosson, Quantum Phase Space and the Symplectic Camel. World Scientific, 2019 [in preparation]
2.M. de Gosson, Emergence of the Quantum from the Classical: Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Processes. World Scientific, 2017
3.M. de Gosson, The Wigner Transform, World Scientific, series Advanced Texts in Mathematics, 2017
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8.M. de Gosson, Maslov Classes, Metaplectic Representation and Lagrangian Quantization. Mathematical Research Vol. 95, Wiley VCH 1997.

Edited Volumes

1.Landscapes of Time-Frequency Analysis, eds. Boggiatto, Paolo, Elena Cordero, Maurice de Gosson, Hans G. Feichtinger, Fabio Nicola, Alessandro Oliaro, and Anita Tabacco. Springer Nature, Jan. 2018
2.Proceedings of the Karlskrona Conference in the Honor of Jean Leray, Springer Verlag (2003), ca 580 pages. Ed. Maurice de Gosson
3.Maurice de Gosson, La Radio Facile (1957, Série du Faon); Reedited 2002, Éditions de la Charlynou, Karlskrona.


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